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Just a little History About us


From 1902 to 1927 the Camrose area was served by a number of pastors. The area was sparsely populated and many of the pastors were students from seminary and preached in outlying areas during the summer months. Among the earlier pastors were Rev. V. Gruber, Rev. George Meyer, Rev. H. Tietjen, Rev. H. Boettger and Rev. H. Kuring.

Services were held in the Kubbernuss home in Camrose as early as 1902 under Pastor Victor Gruber of Ponoka. Pastor George J. Meyer followed him in 1905. He also resided at Ponoka. Mrs. Kubbernuss’ daughter, Esther, married Rev. Henry J. Boettcher, circuit pastor from 1918 – 1921.  The parish included Bittern Lake, Ferintosh, Bawlf, Holden, Daysland, Resenroll and Camrose. 

In 1927 the original church was brought from the Roman Catholics. This church now sits overlooking Mirror Lake. After many years of renting quarters for the pastor a parsonage was built with volunteer labor in 1939. Rev. G.H Raedeke did considerable work, and invested a lot personal money into the venture. This house is reported to have cost 2500 with all fixtures back then.


The Church building started in 1953 after the church was sold to Bethel Lutheran. This church was moved off the property down the street two blocks. It was sold for 6000, and the Grace congregation was permitted to use the building while their church was under construction. The Cornerstone was laid in 1954 and the church itself was dedicated on September 11, 1955. The Dedication speaker was Rev. W.A. Wnagerin, the then President of Concordia Collage in Edmonton. It is reported that nearly 800 people attended the dedication services. 

Sunday School rooms were added to the church basement in the fall and spring of 1960 - 1961.    

Meet Our Current Congregation 

Grace Lutheran Church 2023 - 2024

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