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Our Events

Here at Grace, we have a few different events happening throughout the week. Everyone is invited to participate and enjoy the company of our congregation. If you have any questions or concerns about any the events at Grace, please contact our administrative staff at the church. 


What Every Christian Ought to Know 
Bible Study 

Come and join us to study Adrian Rogers and Steve Rogers "What Every Christian Ought to Know: Solid Grounding for a Growing Faith " either in person or via zoom. Come discover and learn  provides readers with a well- organized, well-reasoned grasp of such topics as salvation, eternal security, prayer, the Holy Spirit, resisting temptation, finding God’s will, as well as the authority of the Bible and how to understand it better. A valuable volume for new Christians and young disciples, it’s also a suitably instructive resource for believers of all ages. 

We meet Wednesday Night in our Church basement at 7:00 pm

Please contact the church office if you are interested in joining us!

Postponed till April 3 2024

Women's Bible Study 

If you are looking for a wonderful community of women, come and join our women's bible study that is held every Wednesday morning at 10:00 am here at Grace Lutheran Church. Each session is run by one of the women in our congregation. There is coffee and treats provided along with fellowship before and after each session. 

If you are interested in joining us please contact for more details.  

Reading Bible
Prayer Group

Sunday Morning Bible Study

At Grace Lutheran church before the service, you are welcome to come and join our bible study called A Longer Look @ The Lessons, come  delve deeper into each week's three Scripture readings with A Longer Look at the Lessons. This Bible study is based on the lectionary in Lutheran Service Book, and provides information about the readings and their contexts. There will be discussion and personal application.  Enjoy fellowship and learning more about the word of God.  Bible study starts at 9:00 am in the our church basement lead by Chris. Be sure to bring your Bible and a notebook. 

Loved and Lost Small Group 

Come and join a close-knit community in fellowship, creating a caring and supportive environment for reflection. Delve into the warmth of a small group setting where connections deepen. For further details, feel free to contact the church office.


Tuesday Movie Night

Join us every Tuesday night at 7:00 pm for our Church Movie Night! Experience the joy of fellowship as we come together to enjoy a Christian film. It's a perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and share in the uplifting atmosphere. Come be a part of this fun-filled night!

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