Resources and links for the young, the young at heart, and the “just curious”.  Suggestions and ideas for topics and resources are more than welcome, in the meantime I will present material I discover which I think fascinating and informative or just plain fun (see the “Games” page).  Being a Christian is an everlasting adventure.  An adventure because we are constantly discovering the wonders of God’s creation and everlasting because we “shall never die”.  Yes, we do “owe God a death” but we also have his promise of the resurrection and life everlasting.  It’s difficult to remain a pessimist once you understand the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Games contains several embedded games and puzzles.  The level of difficulty varies from child to adult.  More games and puzzles will be added as I discover them.

Intelligent Design is a catch-all for videos, articles, and related material which provide philosphical and scientific support for a (broadly) theistic worldview.  This includes an eclectic cross-section of material from a variety of sources.

Radio is a collection of Lutheran online radio channels.

Music is composed (pun intended) of variety of Christian genres and also includes the complete 4 hour history series “Sacred Music” produced for BBC 4.  “Sacred Music” is a history of the development of music from the invention of musical notation to the 19th C.

WEverVlogg is the videoblog project of Rev. Jonathan Fisk of Springfield PA. An interesting and sometimes off-beat look at popular culture through the lens of an orthodox Lutheran worldview. Rev. Fisk has a unique take on some of the dogmas of pop culture and it is certainly worth a view.

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