Sunday Bible Study

Sunday Bible study is an opportunity for us to learn more about God’s word and how it can guide us on our journey through life. The Bible is an amazing and timeless book which not only describes the acts of God in time, but offers lessons on how (and how not) manage your life.


Lutheranism 101

Allen is leading a small group study of the book, “Lutheranism 101,” an up to date explanation of the distinctly Lutheran understanding of God’s word.

From the “Lutheranism 101” blog.

Lutheranism 101 books give you usable and comprehensive overviews of what Lutherans believe and teach. These beliefs rest upon the foundational discussions of who God is, who man is, and who

Jesus is. Along the way, and because faith does not happen in isolation, the series also presents how this faith is confessed in what Lutherans do, both in their corporate practice and in their personal piety.


The very title, Lutheranism 101, points forward to learning and building up of the Christian faith through study and by participation in the Divine Service. Lutheranism 101 encourages the use (and, dare we say, acquisition) of the basic resources for a Christian’s study and growth: a Bible, Luther’s Small Catechism, a hymnal, and ultimately, the Lutheran Confessions.

Rev. Scot Kinnaman
General Editor, Lutheranism 101

What do Lutherans believe, anyway?

Canadian Lutheran, September 28, 2010

Class is in session with Lutheranism 101
Whether you’re a lifelong Lutheran, a newcomer to the faith, or someone interested in learning what Lutherans believe, Lutheranism 101, a new book from Concordia Publishing House, explains what Lutherans believe, teach and confess. With a popular and fun style, the book breaks down major theological concepts into easy-to-read articles, charts, bullet points and even comics.
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