A church home

In 1927, under the guidance of Pastor Raedeke, the local Lutherans purchased the old Roman Catholic church land and building.  Grace Lutheran Church was formally established when the congregation submitted of Articles of Incorporation.  The church building was officially dedicated as the home of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church on December 4, 1927.


The Original Building
Grace Lutheran Church

1927 Building Fund Report
Bal. In Treas. From former years $75.00
Otto Behnke $10.00
Mrs. Edna Cole $9.00
Chas. Fetzner $100.00
Mrs. Glettig $12.50
Herbert Kubbernuss $20.00
Fred Loskowski $25.00
Rev. G. Raedeke $25.00
Wm. Siegmund $5.00
Walter Stumpf $50.00
Adam Troester $25.00
Sub Total $281.50
Loan from Church Extension Fund & friend $743.50
Total 1100.00

Land (a city block) plus building for the grand sum of $1,100.00, only about two years wages for the average worker.


The Articles of Incorporation





Program for the
Service of Dedication








The Service of Dedication for
Grace Lutheran Church

The church Dedication Services extended over four days and included sermons by pastors from churches in Edmonton, Leduc, Stony Plain, and Wetaskiwin covering such topics as, “The Life and Times of Dr. Martin Luther”, “Is the Bible Out of Date?”, “Does Man Need a Savior?”, and “What must I do to be saved.

Few things underscore the difference between church today and church then than the intellectual engagement of the church members in the doctrines of the church and their biblical foundations.


VBS at Grace Lutheran Church





Early VBS classes ran for two weeks, involved intensive study of God’s word and church doctrine, interspersed with meals and games in the church yard.  Many of the children stayed at the church for the full two weeks.  Travel at the time was almost all by foot, horse, or ox cart.  Very few cars and even fewer roads.


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