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Lutheran Church exists to give glory and honor to God, to preach the of to all the world, and to foster Christian fellowship and love according to the confessional standard of the   We are located in Camrose, Alberta and are a member of Lutheran Church Canada.

The Lutheran church is a direct result of the Protestant Reformation begun in 1517 by Martin Luther in Wittenberg, Germany. Lutheran Church–Canada was founded in 1988 when the Canadian congregations of St. Louis-based The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod formed an autonomous Canadian church with three districts. The Alberta-British Columbia District offices are in Edmonton, Alberta, the Central District in Regina, Saskatchewan and the East District in Kitchener, Ontario. The denomination retains close ties with the LCMS and other Lutheran church bodies around the world which follow the Biblically-based Lutheran Confessions.

Sunday Worship begins at 10:30 am each Sunday.

Christ in Stained Glass

Our Lord Jesus Christ

Grace Lutheran Church is equipped with a lift to allow those who have trouble with stairs easy access to the sanctuary and parish hall. Our worship is now enhanced by the aid of PowerPoint presentations to help those unfamiliar with a liturgical service.

We are a , , † congregation of Lutheran Church Canada. We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit † and worship Him only.


late 12c., “God’s favor or help,” from Old French grace “pardon, divine grace, mercy; favor, thanks; elegance, virtue” (12c.), from Latin gratia “favor, esteem, regard; pleasing quality, good will, gratitude”
Old English godspel “gospel, glad tidings announced by Jesus; one of the four gospels,” from god “good” (see good) + spel “story, message” (see spell (n.)); translation of Latin bona adnuntiatio, itself a translation of Greek euangelion “reward for bringing good news.”
Christianity was founded on the life and teachings of a Jew named Jesus and called the “Christ”.

The English word “Jesus” comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew Joshua, a common name which means “savior.”

“Christ” is a title and it comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew Messiah, meaning “anointed one.”

Evangelical Lutheran Church can refer to many different Lutheran churches in the world – churches of the ‘euangelion’ or ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ
The Lutheran Confessions – The Book of Concord The Book of Concord declares the fundamental confessions of the Lutheran Church. These overviews of each of the book’s component parts are written by seminary professors and theologians from member churches in the International Lutheran Council and were published in ‘The Canadian Lutheran’ under the title Lutheran 101.
What is liturgy? The liturgy is a formalized Order of Worship, the ancient texts of the liturgy give us that glimpse of heaven and, more importantly, how they deliver to us, here and now, the eternal benefits of forgiveness, life, and salvation. Learn more about the parts of the liturgy here.
There is one Divine Essence which is called and which is God: eternal, without body, without parts, of infinite power, wisdom, and goodness, the Maker and Preserver of all things, visible and invisible; and yet there are three Persons, of the same essence and power, who also are coeternal, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
Augsburg Confession: Article 1: Of God
What is the doctrine of the Trinity?
Questions and Answers on the Trinity

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